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Choose the local charity of your choice and we will donate up to $1,000 in your name.

Services We Offer

At first contact with My SolarMD, we will work to obtain any type of available assistance for homeowners in regards to energy efficiency, including:

  • No-cost, shared-cost, deferred-cost opportunities for energy-efficient appliances.
  • Residential owners and renters may qualify.
  • Commercial customers, from apartment complexes 1-4 units, as well as 5 and larger.
  • Large commercial project financing available with short-term 0% interest, as well as long-term financing and PPA options are available for commercial projects.
  • We build and install on custom patios or standard type commercial structures.
  • Installation of roof mount.
  • Ground mount.
  • Elevated ground-mount (shade structure or car port.)
  • We mount on any type of roof surface or terrain, ranging from three-story buildings, steep roof, rock roof, steel roof, clay tiles and steep inclined ground mounts.

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Midrange Panels

Q Cell
Rec 370-60 Cell
Canadian Solar

Economy Panel

Grape Solar



LG Chem


We offer the top battery options that are available in the industry.

Please note, we may have the ability to custom build a battery solution for unique situations.



EV Chargers

EV Chargers are available.

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All Purchase Options Are Available

  • Cash offer
  • Finance to own
  • Pace program
  • Hero program
  • No credit needed for state-assisted programs
    (must meet eligibility requirements)
  • Lease
  • PPA

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